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Bollywood Parks Dubai


Dubai is an interesting and intriguing place. The city has surprised the world with its manmade marvels, be it the tallest building, the biggest manmade island or a beautiful flower garden. The best thing about the city is that it has something for everyone, whatever might be your interest. So, if you are an avid Bollywood fan, you would definitely find Dubai’s Bollywood Parks really interesting. We offer you the chance to visit the Rajmahal Theatre, an integral part of Bollywood Parks.

Special Note :

Tickets are totally subject to availability.

Ticket Options

Bollywood Jaan-E-Jigar (Silver 1 Yellow) 26$ – Bollywood Jaan-E-Jigar (Silver 2 Green)  26$

Bollywood Jaan-E-Jigar (Gold 1 Violet) 33$ – Bollywood Jaan-E-Jigar (Gold 2 Deep Blue) 33$

Bollywood Jaan-E-Jigar (Platinum 1 Red) 44$


Bollywood Jaan-E-Jigar (Silver 1 Yellow) 26$

Booking Policy
Ticket Policy – Once your tickets are issued system will not allow you to cancel any order.
Children under 3 years are not allowed for this activity.

Click here to Send offline request for Silver 2 green, Gold 1 violet, Gold 2 deep blue & Platinum 1 red tickets.

Terms & Conditions Apply 


Dubai, United Arib Emirates
3 hrs

per adult

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