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About Us

Who We Are?

EvenTourHospitality.com is professionally managed online premier service, Our most important mission is to provide personalized service to our customers when they are traveling with us internationally & domestically for holidays or business. We can provide you  exclusive rates for Flights, Hotels, Holiday Packages & Car Rentals worldwide.

Our employees are available 24/7 to offer assistance and advice from the beginning till the end.Most of all we care about our customers and we want you to keep coming back to us because customer satisfaction is our top priority.


How EvenTour Work?

EvenTourHospitality.com is an online marketplace connecting consumers with leading travel providers and agents. We provide travel information, We do not provide quotes directly to consumers for Flight, Hotels & Car Rentals except Sightseeing Tours & Holidays packages.


EvenTourHospitality.com matches consumers to reliable Hotel, Car Rental suppliers, Airline sites & agents that can offer the best solution for their needs. The lowest advertised rates are not necessarily always available on our site. Rates & availabilities are subject to numerous factors, such as limited time deals, seasonal price changes, location, etc.

EvenTourHospitality.com aim to connect you to the world leading Travel Partners, Providing real time availability and Prices with cutting edge technology available in 21st century.


Check our Partners Relations


Umar Afzal

Founder – CEO


Farhat Naseem



Paul Dobberke

Director – Hotels Europe


Julia Hoffman

MD-Asia – M.E